The boys behind the mic

James One and James Two are in fact real people who love their football.


James One is James Ealey.

A Fulham fan, living in Newcastle upon Tyne. As well as having a worrying propensity to recall pointless football nonsense (usually from the 70s, 80s or early 90s), he is also similarly obsessive with cricket, golf and rugby. Try not to hold that against him.

During the daytime he is a Director at Precept, a brand performance business based in Newcastle and London.

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James Two is James Tennant.

A Southampton fan, also living in Newcastle upon Tyne. This Saint has an unnatural obsession with all things Italian football, especially if the word Roma is involved in the conversation.

James has the rest of his days occupied by being the Owner of Converge, a content distribution platform for B2B businesses.

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