A football podcast with a difference

By 15 June 2020June 27th, 2020One Comment

Welcome to the Barndoors & Banjos football podcast website.

Brought to you by James and James (aka James Squared), it’s a different kind of football podcast.

There’s no results. And there’s no league tables. 

Just two blokes talking football nonsense around evergreen football topics. 

Here’s some questions that may help you decide if we are worth a listen!

  • Do you ever wonder why certain football managers keep getting jobs? 
  • Or do you want to know what were the most far reaching law changes that have changed the game for better?]
  • Do you yearn for the FA Cup to return to its former glory?
  • Or do you wonder why you loved Football Italia on Channel 4 so much?
  • Can you remember what impact foreign players and managers have had on the Premier League?

If those questions annoy, interest or amuse you then this is definitely the football podcast for you.

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